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Saving energy has more benefits than just saving energy.These are a no-brainer for any space. If you need help figuring out which time switch or photo control is right for you and your space, please contact us right away. We are happy to help you navigate the different options and we will help you find the solution for you.

Building light automatic system

If our light operating (switching on and off) manually with the help of staffs is an inefficient way of using manpower, specifically when it becomes a daily duty. The time switch is a perfect solution to this problem. Installing a good quality digital astronomical time switch for light is a good way to free up some of your valuable staff time while managing the lighting control system energy more efficiently. A programmable time switch will also help to tend other additional requirements and manage schedules more effectively. You can pre-program schedule with the help of digital controls. This will also allow you to access the lighting control system from a sole centrally located hub that can be controlled either online or on-site. The system will prevent unnecessary waste of energy. There are provisions to change the lighting schedule whenever necessary. You can use different programs such as a 7-day timer switch or weekly digital timer to control the lighting system according to the schedule. Similarly, there is 24-hour time switch as well. There will be no more waste of energy because of unnecessary use of lights.

Outdoor light using timer switch with automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time) and astronomic

When it comes to DST (Daylight Saving Time) and astronomical time switching, the biggest complaint is that having to manually adjust clocks when it's "fall back" and "spring ahead" is a total productivity killer for maintenance staff. Timer switch AHC15T with both astronomic and DST (Daylight Saving Time) functional automatically adjust to the seasonal day-to-night time changes throughout the year. This type of scheduling adaptability takes the hassle out of manually turning lights ON and OFF, freeing up Maintenance staff for other jobs and enhancing a property's safety. The 2 functions makes specific scheduling of lights, signs, bells and other loads effortless and energy efficient.

Lighting systems in the walkways and parking lots

Safety issues are highly dependent on the lighting system. In the walkways and parking lots, the lighting system plays a vital role in the crime prevention strategies and may also be essential in a real sense to ensure safety for the people. It is obvious that the chances of committing any sort of crime are limited to a well-lit place compared to a dark or poorly lit area. Therefore, the control of lighting systems in these areas is of tremendous importance. You can use porch light timers, stair light time switch, and time delay switch according to your need.


In building water distribution systems, we typically use multiple pumps to operate in a cyclical manner and must maintain the total water pressure in the piping to make optimal use of water. The water levels of the upper and lower tanks need to be monitored to avoid dry or spilled water. In order to prevent the pump from running too much, we use the timer to set the time to automatically open and close the pump, which not only prevents the water level of the tank from overflowing, but also ensures proper maintenance and repair of the pump.

Water Heater & Geyser

When we do not need the water heater or geyser most of the time, but it has been standby for 24 hours, as well as solar water heaters, water will be heated repeatedly in the pipeline. This wastes a lot of energy in day after day. ALION digital timer switch allows you to set the time program to control the water heater to be used only for the period of time you need. We increased the program's quantity and type, not just the ON / OFF program, as well as pulse and countdown programs. It can be fully automate daylight saving time. You also turn the timer ON/OFF manually, if you occasionally use the water heater in an unconventional time.

Air conditioning

In conventional refrigeration applications, multiple air conditioning units need to be operated automatically one after the other in order to distribute the load and save energy. In order to maintain the temperature of the refrigerating compartment, a high-capacity air conditioner is installed to efficiently store and store perishable products. Digital time switch AHC610 series from ALION is used to automatically switch ON/OFF air conditioning units up to 60 programs according to a predetermined schedule to distribute the load and save a lot of energy. This helps to avoid overuse of the air conditioning unit, which reduces maintenance costs. Our technical team has optimized the software and has a variety of preset programs to choose fromsaving time in setup. If large quantities of the timer needs to be set, using the our DATA-KEY easy to replicate the same procedure for each timer.


In labor-intensive plants, there are multiple assembly lines with different operating cycles. In order to meet the ergonomic working environment and the best energy efficiency, the ventilation and exhaust systems should be automatically controlled according to the shift time of the workers. The ventilation and exhaust system is automatically controlled by the ALION time switch. The built-in time switching feature helps control both systems based on worker shift time. Both systems will turn on/off the specified time period based on the worker shift time in each assembly line, saving a lot of energy. Through the ventilation control system, the ambient temperature can be maintained to create a healthy working environment.

Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses
Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses
Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses
Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses
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