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Energy Saving Planting Industry

Issue Time:2018-11-21

Energy Saving: Planting Industry

Energy saving in everywhere

In every form of industry, energy plays a vital role and the planting industry is no exception. For all types of industry, whether it is a large, medium or small industry. The industries always come forward to conduct a well-researched energy audit to understand and optimize the energy expenditure at the said plant, so that efficient energy utilization is possible. In every study, the importance of energy wastage has always been highlighted that calls for the implementation of energy efficient technologies in every sector of the industry.

If you take a proactive approach for environment-friendly solutions for the planting Industry, it will, in turn, save a lot of energy and money for you and the society. This will also boost your reputation as a person and help you to negotiate better in your business deals. You will also get tax benefits from the government as well as aids from the different organizations to expand your business. Moreover, the use of green technologies will also improve the safety concern in your pant. In the long run, such initiatives will also enable you to save a huge amount of energy that will eventually help you increase the substantial amount of your business profits.

Energy conservation in process heating

The overall planting facilities can be benefited from proper monitoring and controlling of your existing heating systems. You can take measures to control and improve the heat transfer efficiency, air-to-fuel ratios, and exhaust gases. You can adopt waste-heat recovery technology and implement time switching to schedule control system according to your need in the planting operation. You can also consider using solar power as much as possible, which will cause a significant reduction in energy expenditure.

Heavy equipment in the industry

The planting industry requires some heavy equipment along with motors to sow and prepare the fields and also water them. On an average, all the industry operations need to use heavy equipment that consumes a high amount of energy. It has been estimated that 22% of the energy expenditure in an industry is because of the use of different types of heavy equipment. You can save a considerable amount of energy by operating the equipment using modern and efficient energy change system. This will of a lower the overall operating cost of your plant significantly. You may have to replace the old equipment with the newer one or may have to alter the operational processes of your old machines to get the maximum output.

Lighting arrangement in the planting section

Apart from the lighting arrangements in your office buildings, planting industry needs to arrange the lights in its huge fields. Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the planting industry. In some modern day farming, you may have to use artificial lights to promote photosynthesis and plant growth. Lighting systems are also important for safety reasons.

Planting industry has a vast area which requires regular monitoring even at night times. It is important to have adequate energy efficient lights with photo control that will not only maximize the use of daylight but also ensure minimum energy expenditure. You can also schedule ON/OFF patterns of the lights in the plants and the artificial lighting systems needed for plant growth. You can also install occupancy sensors in certain areas of the plant, planting fields or less occupied office spaces where the lights will turn on once there is the presence of an occupant and turn off automatically when there is no activity for a certain period. 

Planting equipment

Depending on the size of the planting field you will need different equipment to support the planting operation. There may be some manpower involved as well, but most of the job is carried out by different machines. Use of such machines obviously will utilize a lot of energy. This is another area where you can save a lot of energy by installing modern energy efficient machines instead of the older ones that consume much more power. At the same time, start using time switches for office and plant equipment so that they can be controlled automatically according to predetermined schedule and programming. You can program all your equipment with the help of the time switches even for the entire planting season at one go. You can change the schedule whenever necessary by changing the program. Such control systems will also allow you to monitor your plantation equipment from your mobile phone apps. With the help of the mobile app, you can also remotely access the control of your equipment and lighting arrangement and may change anything as per need.

Involve your employees in your energy saving drive

It is important that your employees also understand the importance of saving energy for the growth of your business. Make them aware of the amount of extra profit that your organization can make by following green technologies. 

The behavior of the employees is a vital component for your organization to become energy efficient. You have to inform your employees about all the energy efficiency progress and goals you have and their importance. You should encourage and motivate them to come forward in energy efficient drive and take active participation in it as it is also a social responsibility. It is also important for them to believe that energy efficient upgrades will actually help them become more productive.

The water pumping system

The water pumping system is the key element of the planting industry. Watering the plants at regular interval and in an adequate amount is of extreme importance for the proper growth of the plants. So, pumping of water is a daily need for every planting industry. Water pumps also consume a lot of energy and run for long hours. The running time will depend on the capacity of the pump, the size of your plantation and type of plantation. You can adopt different strategies to save energy and increase profitability by controlling the energy expenditure and running the water pumps according to the need of your plantation.

Environmental scientists always remain concerned about the water pumping system required in the planting industry. The water pumps consume about 60% of the total expenditure on the electrical uses in a planting industry. Water pumps are also necessary for the water treatment facilities associated with the industry. These statistics clearly suggest the amount of energy you can save by optimizing the use of the water pump. There are three major concerns related to the water pump systems in planting sector, the environmental concerns, process efficiency, and the energy efficiency. Use of time switches can minimize the use of water pumps as per need and you can schedule its use according to planting necessity.

So as a representative from the planting industry you are expected to act efficiently to take all the necessary actions to reduce the use of energy in your plantation and contribute towards the global energy conservation. This will also help you increase your profit margin and sustain your business. For more details discuss just contact us, our technical team would like to help you.

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