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Hospital Lighting Control: Is your facility in good health?

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Hospital Lighting Control: Is your facility in good health?

Issue Time:2018-11-21

Energy Saving: Hospital Lighting Control 

Is your facility in good health?
Lighting plays an important part in a hospital setting. A Hospital has one of the most complex inner functions compared to any other industry sectors. The lighting arrangements with the hospital are equally challenging to make. Hospital buildings are usually big and required a lot of diverse lighting arrangements for different sections, rooms, and areas. But, irrespective of the area good lighting is essential for the smooth functioning of any hospital. Ambient and proper lighting has a positive impact on the patients and their family members as well. It is a unique feature that helps in healing. The complicated environment of hospitals with a lot of infrastructures, treatment processes, integrated scientific technologies and different workforce combining to offer the best possible outcome. They all have to work collectively to their optimum potential to deliver sincerely the highest level of service. In the hospital, you cannot compromise with the level of services as it is directly related to the life of the patients. The lighting arrangements should also consider the diverse requirements of the medical staffs, professionals, and patients (many of them may be immobile and in distress). Moreover, hospital systems run truly 24x7 with some downtimes, but all the operations never stop completely.
At the same time, there is huge energy expenditure in every hospital setting that ultimately affects the cost of the treatment. Any effort to minimize energy loss or promoting energy saving can go a long way to curtail the hospital expenditure. It is important to find the new techniques to maximize energy savings whilst catering to the requirements of the patients to preserve your health-care facilities in the hospital.

Ultimately, it is the efficiency with which you are saving power, be it a family practice at a full-service Medical Centre. As a lighting system plays a critical role in healing it is essential to optimize the use of light while keeping in mind the power saving motto. The use of lighting fixtures those are completely control-based is definitely a smart choice to assist your healthcare center to have a right step towards the modern concept of energy saving.

Various areas of the hospital have different lighting requirements and you have to arrange modern lighting systems accordingly. Let us have a better understanding of the lighting requirement at different places inside the hospital.

Lighting arrangement at the supply closet and examination room

You must have been in the examination room multiple times and know the requirement and settings of that particular area. There are many important aspects of an examination room including the examination desk and other required instrument and their particular position. Lighting arrangement in this room is very important as improper or low light can hamper the quality of examination. The patients are already afraid of the examination outcome and the sight of blood stresses on the wall and the instruments for examination can make them tense. In such circumstances, if the room is dull with improper lighting arrangement, then that adds to the patients worry and cause extra stress to the patient. So this is a room which cannot be dimly lit. You must have adequate lighting arrangements here, which in turn call sufficient energy loss. You have to bear with the energy expenditure while the examination is going on.

But what happens when there is no patient sing in the examination room or when there are no examination schedules for some specific time period. Usually, all the lights and other amenities such app room heater or air conditioning system will continue to run. Simply using a time switch or lights with a sensor that will turn on when a person enters the room can make a big difference in energy savings. If the examination schedules are predefined then you can use the time switches to switch on and off the lights and other electrical devices accordingly. 

For the lights with sensors, it will turn on whenever a person enters the room and will go off after a certain period when there is no movement spotted inside the room. It is known as an Occupancy sensor or Vacancy Sensor. They may be particularly useful in medical services where a number of medical examinations are low in number and there are long intervals between subsequent patient examinations. This is also useful during the downtime that is early in the morning or late at night when the number of patients is low.

A similar principle can be applied to the lighting arrangement in the supply closet room where staff members often enter the room after long intervals. This way your hospital can save a lot of energy and cost which in turn can help you offer services to the patients at a cheaper rate.

Lighting arrangements in the parking lots

Many of the hospitals and Health-care centers offer a private parking facility to the visitors and the patients. These on-site parking facilities are often self-service types. Having good lighting arrangements in the parking lot is essential for safe parking and also for security reasons. Good thing arrangements often avoid serious crimes and an important part of hospital security. But the same thing can waste a lot of energy as most of the time this area remains unattended while the lights kept switched on. Sometimes they are on even in during day-time and there is no optimized use of daylight.

You can easily use photo controls which have very low maintenance to minimize energy expenditure and increase the use of daylight to its potential. This is ideal for outdoor parking lots, but the patient and their family member will continue to have a well lit and safe access to the vehicles throughout the day and night. You will reduce the considerable waste of energy just by maintaining are correct on and off the schedule of these lights and maintain and also optimizing them according to the natural pattern of sunlight from dawn to dusk. 

These lighting arrangements are designed specifically to provide a maximum lifespan of the LED lights and its fixtures. So your maintenance and replacement cost will be minimized for this lighting arrangement.

Patient waiting areas

The patient waiting area is one of the busiest places in the hospital, which remains occupied most of the time. This way it is different from the examination room or the closet room where patient and staff activity can be sporadic throughout the day. The waiting area has to be well lit all through the business hours. Therefore the lighting arrangements have to be different from those in the examination room/ closet room to get the benefit of energy savings. Here you need to install Programmable timer switches typically mounted on the walls. Program the lighting arrangement as per the schedule for the whole week and you need not have to think about switching on and off the lights of this area anymore. You can, of course, change the program whenever needed according to possible changes in schedule in your hospital.

In the same way, you can schedule the lighting arrangements in other areas of your facility such as the common areas and shared workspaces. These are the areas where the lights always remain on during the business hours in the hospital. You can hardly imagine how this highly practical yet simple to follow approach can save a hell lot of energy in your hospital system. You will get handsome long-term benefits from these energy saving lighting arrangements in your hospital without compromising the comforts of the occupants.

Lighting arrangements at the other areas of the hospital

Other areas of your hospital can also be fitted with these lighting arrangements. However, there are always some subtle differences and lighting arrangements are specifically designed for different areas to reap out maximum benefits and energy savings. Other areas include the outdoor signage, approach and the garden area of the hospital.

It is important for every hospital to have a vibrant and fresh outdoor space as they have a positive impact on the minds of the patients and their families. Such positivity is important for successful recovery of the patients. Recovery is as much psychological as much as physical. It is particularly true for patients suffering from prolonged illness and elderly patients. But, to maintain a vibrant outdoor you need to spend a lot of energy to manage the outdoor lights, fountains or other beautifications, and the landscape lights. 

Managing such huge energy expenditure is a difficult task at hand. Fortunately, you can use robust digital timers to optimize the use of these lights. You can program it for the whole year (365 days) and forget about them. Use of such lighting arrangements also reduces the daily human intervention and useless wastage of manpower. You can do the yearly schedule for the landscape lights, signage lights, and lighting in other areas. Such lighting controls allow you to control over 500 different events and also have many other helpful features to make your lighting and arrangements efficient. Moreover, all these lighting arrangement controls have mobile applications. So you can control, adjust or change any of the lighting arrangements in any area of your hospital from your Smartphone itself. There is no on-site control room required (you can still have one). Using the mobile app you can reschedule and monitor the performance of the lighting arrangements all the time.

These time switches and sensors can also be applied to other electrical devices in your hospital such as conditioner units and water pumps. So keep track of your hospital’s electrical devices and lighting arrangements schedule without compromising on the positive atmosphere for your patients that is essential for their comfort and health.

Staircases and lighting inside the lifts

People nowadays do not always use the staircases. But, you cannot keep these areas dimly lit for security and other functional purposes. At the same time, you cannot keep this area illuminated when not in use. Just use sensor switches in these areas as well to control energy consumption. Similarly, lights and fans inside the elevators can be switched on and off in the presence and absence of people using it. This is particularly important during the downtime.

The advanced lighting arrangements and time switches for other electrical devices will not only save energy but also promote green technology. The savings will ultimately help you to build new infrastructure, offer better patient service, utilize the efficient use of manpower and dedicate your effort completely on patient care. You will have a happier environment with your staffs, patients, and associated individuals. The advanced systems are part of the green technology that will help your hospital to be listed among the green hospitals in terms of energy savings. This will have a positive impact on the society, the local environment, local community, and overall ratings of the hospital.

Implement all the above options in your hospital to comfortably manage a significant amount of energy savings depending on the availability of sunlight, patient population, and downtime of your hospital. If you have interested just contact us now. Our technical team await for your requires.

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