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Customer Success Team

When you contact us with your require, our customer success team will contact you within 24 hours. Youcan get a well-prepared quotation in 2 working days as soon as we know your requirement. We know wellenough what to do to cooperate with our clients, as we are really familiar to do so.

Xu BeiteTeam members

Director for marketing and sales

“For 5 years, Alion and I together grow and develop to be a provider of reliable Time Switch solutions for our customers, I am proud of we have achieved more and more successful OEM/ODM project. We will keep moving to provide better service to our customers”

R&D team

We have own Time Switch R&D team that involves 2 experienced structural engineers,1 software engineer and 2 circuit engineers.

Xia KeqiTeam members

Director for technical

“Meeting different requirements from customers are huge challenges, which we tireless, and constantly improve the our products also allows us to become a better company. We are very serious to solve the technical problem for our customers.”

Logistics Operation Team

The Logistics Operation Team in charge of orders follow-up management and continuous update news for you.

Ye YuqunTeam members

Director for logistics operation

“Our team ensures the delivery of every customer order in the fastest possible time and with no mistakes. For this reason we keep on to follow up the production schedule, and actively contact with the freight forwarding.”

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